Enhancing your smile with Restorative or Cosmetic Dentistry

Often times we are asked how someone can get their smile ‘enhanced’, or ‘re-done’, or ‘beautiful’, or ‘restored’. Many cosmetic dentists are only concerned with making the front teeth straight and very white, but if they have not taken into account having a balanced bite with the jaw joints and muscles, the work may fail in a relatively short amount of time. When all the systems of the mouth are taken into consideration the mouth can be positioned for beauty, function and health for a lifetime.

At Strevey Dental, our team has had extensive training to help diagnose the problems and perform procedures so you can have the long-term, beautiful smile you have always wanted. We believe that quality endures, so you can keep your teeth for your lifetime.

*More detailed information on our Restorative & Cosmetic Dental procedures, case studies, images and more coming soon!

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