Is dental insurance working in your best interest?

When considering your dental benefits, Strevey Dental does not work for the insurance company…WE WORK FOR YOU!  Our goal is to work with you to help you achieve the highest level of health you aspire to.  The goal of an insurance company is to pay out as little as possible in claims so they can keep the premiums in their possession.

More often than not, people that have dental insurance believe that their provider will cover their expenses completely and that they really are out for the best interest of the patient.  In fact, dental insurance is not insurance at all, which is originally intended to cover catastrophic losses such as life, or a home, or even major medical expenses.  In the 1980’s, when ‘dental insurance’ was first introduced, the maximum benefits one could get in a given year were between $750-$1500 and now the maximum benefits are the same.  Taking inflation into account, these ‘benefits’ have been reduced to approximately $200-$400 in today’s dollars.  Premiums have not gone down, but benefits certainly have.

If you have dental insurance, we will do everything we can to help you receive the benefits you are entitled to receive.  This being said, please don’t let some insurance company dictate the level of health you might like to choose for yourself. We want to partner with you to help you understand how to minimize the amount of dentistry you would need in your life and therefore reduce the dependency on the insurance company.  That is truly the best investment you can make into your health and wellness.